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TDBM attorneys in your current configuration, born from the union of a professional team of lawyers specialized in the area of ​​labor law, and have extensive experience from the beginning of his practice in advising companies on all matters comprising own social branch of law. Vocation, both founding partners, as well as new partners and members of the team of professionals who make up the firm has been to provide a highly specialized advice, as a result of professional experience since 1951, date of the foundation of the original study, has accumulated in the field of labor law and labor relations. This experience and expertise has allowed us to offer a comprehensive and continuous advice to national and multinational companies of different economic significance, seeking and seeking a direct and personal in analyzing their needs and conflicts, and of which we are custodians their confidence in the analysis and defend their interests and rights
Moreover, in a world in constant evolution, our company pays special attention to new problems and challenges posed by society to the field of law, which we conceive as dynamic, developing an ongoing effort to upgrade. Therefore, even when the occupation is mainly identified with the action and defend business interests before the courts, members of the firm are active in collective bargaining labor sector, provincial and corporate conventions, as well as the advice to business associations of different fields of activity, and in the defense of the individual processes of managers and workers. Also, as a result of specialization in the social field of law, the office participates in courses and legal practice, organized by universities and by the Bar Association of Madrid itself, and has been awarded, through one of its founders, as a member of the British empire Laorden - MBE - in recognition of the work of counseling in the workplace to British Institutions in Spain.


TDBM ABOGADOS approach to legal practice, starts with taking time to learn about the business, culture and organization of every client, so that enables us to:

– Predict any possible conflicts or issues that may arise.

– Provide a direct, personalised and efficient service according to our clients’ needs, with a defining impact on our quality of service.

This approach allows us to have among our clients leading corporations in their respective bussinesses such as air transport, construction, motorways, distribution, automobile and automobile components manufacture, insurance, university education, trade, public health, the press, the chemical industry, elevation manufacturing, service and petrol stations, etc.


  • Legal consulting

Ongoing legal assistance to companies, including regular labour planning and advice, including all sort of employment contracts, assistance in disciplinary actions, amendment of working conditions, safety at work, Social Security, pension plans, etc.

  • Employment Inspection

Acting on behalf of our clients regarding to Employment Inspection proceedings

  • Labour relations

Participation in collective bargaining, including the negotiation, administration and monitoring of collective agreements; assistance in strikes and other collective disputes, etc.

  • Corporate restructuring processes

Legal assistance in corporate restructuring processes, regarding reorientation, reindustrialisation or any other processes that imply changes in the workforce, through employment regulation proceedings, collective dismissals, collective amendment of working conditions, etc.

  • Labour audits

Organisational and structural analysis, workforce studies including types of employment contract, selection processes, professional classification and mobility, internal rotations, salary structure and remunerative policy, working hours, functional and geographical mobility, company benefits, trade union maps and disputes.

  • Litigation

Defence before the courts in any proceedings brought within the labour jurisdiction in all kind of procedures and instances.



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